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Qwartz Enhydro

Qwartz Enhydro

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Qwartz Enhydro pendant set in 925 silver

Enhydro quartz can help you connect with your past lives.

Enhydro quartz typically forms in sedimentary rocks.

When water seeps through rock, it dissolves the minerals and carries them with it.

Over time, water deposits these minerals into the cracks and crevices of the rock.

As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a layer of minerals.

The process repeats and eventually forms a quartz crystal.

As Enhydro Quartz forms, water is trapped inside the crystal structure.

Enhydro quartz can also form in metamorphic rocks.

Enhydro quartz has several different uses.

Some people use it as a gemstone, while others use it for its metaphysical properties.

Enhydro quartz water has been consumed by collectors, although this practice is questionable.

Although the water may be sterile (depending on how long it was exposed to air before consumption), it would likely be high in minerals or even heavy metals.

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