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Pyrite on matrix

Pyrite on matrix

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Stories and legends

Pyrite is a stone composed of iron disulfide. It can also contain nickel, cobalt, arsenic, copper, silver, and even gold. It has a golden color that can range from yellow to brown. And this, unlike gold which always remains golden.

This stone, often confused with gold, is sometimes found in the composition of certain meteorites. This magnificent golden stone can be of sedimentary, magmatic or hydrothermal deposits. It has a shiny, metallic shine.

Typically, pyrite has faces that are striated or polymaclated. It forms wonderful cubic and octahedral crystals. It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

The etymology of the name pyrite comes from the Greek “pyros” which translates as “fire”. Its name appeared in 50 AD and was attributed to it by the Greek physician and botanist Dioscorides. He named it so because of its ability to produce fire. In fact, it produces sparks when it undergoes shocks and is thus capable of lighting a fire.

It subsequently appeared under various names such as iron pyrite, sulphide iron, etc. Pyrite, its definitive name, was attributed to it by the Austrian mineralogist Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger in 1845.

Pyrite also received the nickname Fool's Gold. Indeed, in the 19th century, during the gold rush, many miners thought they were going crazy thinking they had discovered immense deposits of gold, but which were in fact only pyrites with a golden glow.

The distinction can be quickly made: pyrite powder is black in color, while gold powder remains golden yellow. Pyrite was first used around 2600 years ago. Anthropologists discovered that the mummified human named Otzi had pyrite on him, probably for making fire.

In Ancient Greece, pyrite had medicinal properties. It was known to improve blood quality. The Greeks, as well as the Romans, also made pyrite jewelry, including necklaces and bracelets.

From the 13th to the 16th century, the Incas used pyrite to make thick convex mirrors. These mirrors were used during religious ceremonies. They were considered magical because they had the power to light a fire when the sun reflected on it without human intervention.

In the Middle Ages, pyrite was ground into powder mixed with water and used to make eye drops. During the Renaissance, pyrite was used again as a firestone: it caused the sparks that ignited the first firearms on the battlefield.

Nowadays, pyrite is exploited in industry for the sulfur it contains. At the same time, it is used to make jewelry used in lithotherapy because of its many virtues.

The deposits

The main deposits are located in Peru, China, France, Germany, etc.

The benefits of pyrite in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Pyrite is a stone that soothes stress, generates serenity and increases self-confidence. It optimizes intellectual properties. Indeed, it helps stimulate mental abilities. Wearing a pyrite can lead to professional success, because the wearer has more confidence and willpower. He thus manages to overcome his limits and optimize his sense of organization. Additionally, this stone is known to increase memory.

It is an anchor stone. It helps you concentrate on the present moment and ignore distracting thoughts. It facilitates the evacuation of regrets, anxieties and buried fears. It is capable of boosting the faculties of reflection and concentration. Freed from negative energies, its holder will be able to invest more in their projects. Furthermore, the beautiful golden stone is a source of vitality and transmits a lot of will.

Pyrite is a real anti-stress stone. It helps fight negative emotions such as anxiety and helps you regain calm. She overcomes fears related to change. It can be perfectly suited to adolescents who have difficulty with their changing body. She can calm them down. It is also recommended during painful events such as the loss of a loved one, separation or unfair dismissal.

Its physical benefits

Pyrite is a stone of rigor which increases resistance to fatigue. It helps fight against states of intense sadness. It gives the strength to move forward and make plans.

It is an energizing stone, which is a real source of vitality. It makes you want to resume physical activity. Which is excellent for the body and will allow elimination. Tensions will decrease significantly.

Pyrite develops the need to eat in a healthy and balanced way. It promotes the proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra.

Pyrite and astrological signs

Pyrite is an energizing stone and has many benefits for all natives of the zodiac. However, it happens that these qualities are accentuated in certain astrological signs. This is the case for the following astrological signs:

Aries: symbol of action, enthusiasm and impulse. This sign represents boldness, dynamism and energy. Wearing a pyrite allows him to organize his ideas and temper his ardor. Indeed, this sign is an impulsive sign, which rushes forward and does not hesitate to go as far as confrontation. Combative, he likes to be first in everything he does. Stubborn and impatient, he often acts on impulse. Sometimes he behaves like a child if everything doesn't go his way. He can go so far as to throw tantrums. He is very frank and does not hesitate to say out loud what everyone else is thinking. He greatly lacks diplomacy and can hurt his interlocutor. This sign is an excellent leader. He commands respect through his passion and determination. However, he has a warm and friendly side and his company is very appreciated. In love, he is conquering and likes to multiply romantic experiences. He is passionate and falls in love very quickly. He hates routine and his or her partner will have to show imagination;


Lion: symbol of power, royalty and nobility. This sign represents pride, flattery and glory. Wearing a pyrite is a true source of vitality and willpower. This sign likes to evolve in a world of leisure and luxury. He loves to be surrounded and admired. He has enormous ambition and knows very early on what he wants to do with his life. Proud and determined, he achieves his goals. He leaves no one indifferent, because he has a lot of class. He loves being in the spotlight. He tends to overdo it and often speaks for everyone. He loves life and its pleasures, which he willingly shares with those around him. He is very generous. Usually, he is courteous and is used to being obeyed. Everyone knows it's better to follow your orders. In love, he is full of ardor, passionate and seductive. He likes it a lot and he takes advantage of it. However, he is looking for his soul mate. A sign of love, he can't live without it. He has a vital need to be loved;


Libra: symbol of justice, peace and harmony. This sign represents union, elegance and refinement. Wearing a pyrite optimizes one's intellectual properties and stimulates one's mental abilities. This sign hates conflicts and proves to be an excellent mediator. He has a taste for beauty, chic and refinement. He has a lot of elegance and a gift for dancing. He enjoys socializing and feeling admired. On the other hand, he hates what is ugly, vulgar and dirty. He loves to follow fashion and is sometimes extravagant. He is known for his kindness and altruism. His company is sought after and pleasant. This sign dreams of a more just and egalitarian world. Beneath his smiling and friendly appearance, he hides an iron will and a lot of determination. In love, he is romantic and sentimental. He's not looking to have a lot of relationships. He wants to meet his other half. He is for marriage and will do anything to make his relationship work.

Pyrite and the chakras Pyrite helps balance the root chakra. This chakra is located at the level of the perineum. This balanced root chakra contributes to the proper flow of energy throughout the body. The person feels well anchored and secure. She feels well-being and vitality.

The unbalanced root chakra, too open, gives rise to selfish, authoritarian and angry behavior. The person sinks into excesses and abuses all kinds of addictions. She likes to accumulate objects, money, jewelry. She tends to abuse carnal pleasures.

The unbalanced, underactive root chakra causes all kinds of fears. The person is afraid of losing their job, of lacking money and food. She fears being abandoned and lives in stress and negativity. She suffers from a major lack of willpower and self-confidence.

The maintenance, purification and recharge of pyrite

As soon as it was extracted, it was impossible for your pyrite to purify and recharge with the elements of nature such as rain, sun and earth. Additionally, she has certainly come into contact with negative influences. As soon as it arrives in your family, it is important to purify and recharge it. The following operations should be carried out as maintenance at least once a month or after a lithotherapy session.

For light purification, you can use white sage fumigation or a Tibetan bowl.

Recharge your pyrite with lunar rays outside of the full moon. You can also place it in an amethyst geode or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours.

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