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Welo opal set 925

Welo opal set 925

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They symbolize the inner Light, the luminous scents ✨️

Opal has a high vibration, of infinite expansion that burns past Karma and opens the way to rebirth.💫🤲
They structure and illuminate the mental body of our Aura, by raising the vibrational frequency.

Overall, Opals have a calming, soothing effect.
They stimulate thinking, promote sleep 💤

A stone of great intuition, Ethiopian Opal is a vehicle of the elements of fire and earth, arousing purification thanks to an inner path of Fire and the anchoring of transmutation in the physical body.

Thanks to this, we face our deepest fears by transforming them into higher gifts ✨️🙏

This stone cooperates with the soul to create situations releasing and de-energizing the deep levels of repressed emotions, fears and trauma, opening the way to new patterns. By gently exfoliating the soul to make room for new growth.
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