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Jasper K2 | Silver Pendant

Jasper K2 | Silver Pendant

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K2 stone is also known as kenonite or Himalayan jasper, but the name K2 jasper remains the most common.

Its rarity in lithotherapy comes from the difficulty of extraction, because it is a real challenge due to the lack of oxygen and the ascent limited to experts.

At high altitude, oxygen is scarce and the climb to obtain the stone is perilous for the uninitiated. It is therefore considered quite rare, given the great difficulties of extraction.

This silver pendant contains rare K2 jasper, discovered in 1520 on K2 mountain. Used for its healing and protective powers, it is extremely rare and valuable. No wonder the locals kept it a secret for years!

The Jaspe K2 is much more than a simple accessory. Kenonite is known for its properties of balance and harmony, bringing a feeling of physical and mental well-being. It also helps bone development in young people, accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to happiness and serenity with this unique pendant.

  • ORIGIN OF THE NAME: Mount K2 in the Himalayas, the second highest peak in the world.
  • BELONGING GROUP: Microcrystalline quartz
  • CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Silicon dioxide SiO2
  • HARDNESS: Between 6.5 and 7
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Rhombohedral
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