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Fluorite with pyrite eye.

Fluorite with pyrite eye.

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This is a piece of fluorite with a pyrite eye in the center. Fluorite is a mineral gem characterized by its transparency and variety of colors. In this image, we can see that the fluorite has several hues, with areas of transparency and opacity. Fluorite crystals form a distinct geometric structure that is highlighted in this crystal.

In the center of the fluorite, we can observe a pyrite eye. Pyrite is a metallic mineral that usually occurs as cubic or octahedral crystals. In this image, the pyrite eye is a bright golden tone, contrasting with the colors of the fluorite. The pyrite eye adds a touch of sparkle and contrast to the piece.

The surface of fluorite is smooth and reflective, catching light and creating subtle highlights. Fluorite crystals also show natural patterns and color variations, which adds depth to this unique piece.

Overall, fluorite with a pyrite eye offers a captivating perspective on the beauty and diversity of minerals.

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