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Rock crystal cluster

Rock crystal cluster

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Rock crystal: meaning, virtues and properties

Rock Crystal Stone

Queen stone in lithotherapy, rock crystal has so many benefits that it would be impossible to list them all. This stone can act on all the chakras and relieve all forms of pain. Discover the history of rock crystal and the origin of its virtues through this article.

Characteristics of Rock Crystal

Silicate mineral species

Composition Silicon dioxide

Hardness 7

Density 2.65

Colors Colorless and transparent

Chakras 3rd, Crown, Root

Virtues and benefits of rock crystal

  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • helps fight addictions
  • strengthens concentration
  • strengthens the immune system and increases self-confidence
  • relieves headaches
  • reduces muscle pain

Where does the name Rock Crystal come from?

The word crystal comes from the Greek “krystallos” which means “ice”. This refers directly to the crystalline dimension. But the term ice also indicates freezing cold.

This stone then inherits its name from its history. Ancient legends tell that water was frozen eternally by the mountains, at their highest peaks. This gives the Rock Crystal.

History & origin of rock crystal

In 1500 BC, the Mycenaeans used rock crystal for sculptures. Thanks to its hardness, this stone was also used to make tools and weapon points. The Romans made different types of jewelry and pendants with the beauty of rock crystal.

But all the peoples who knew of the existence of the Rock Crystal attributed healing, even magical and supernatural, powers to it. The Greco-Romans used it to sanitize wounds by channeling the sun's rays with a ball of rock crystal. The civilizations of the Middle East attributed to it the supernatural power of making one invisible. As for the Mayans, they used it as a divining rod to detect water.

Today, rock crystal is truly one of the most powerful stones in lithotherapy. It recharges the other stones and acts on all the chakras.

The main deposits of rock crystal are found in Brazil, Madagascar and India. But other sources also exist in the USA, France, Switzerland, as well as Russia.

Composition of rock crystal stone

From colorless transparent to opaque white, the luster of rock crystal is glassy. Its color is a soothing purity. Depending on its composition, its colors can go towards blue, green or gold.

Mainly composed of silicon (SiO2), rock crystal is part of the silicates group. Not very sensitive to shock, rock crystal is a solid and resistant stone. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale and its density is 2.6.

Properties of Rock Crystal

Physical properties

Rock crystal has many physical properties, it is an asset in lithotherapy. This stone strengthens the body in general. Whether in the eyes, ears, heart, lungs, digestive system or nervous system. At the same time, it helps to fight against all body pain.

Effective against intestinal problems, it also fights diarrhea and nausea. It promotes good digestion and limits stomach discomfort. We can then use the Rock Crystal to combat any kind of blockage. But also against burns, muscle cramps and headaches.

This translucent stone has a positive effect on the formation of blood cells. Rock crystal will stabilize blood pressure and circulation. Its purifying properties are very effective in cases of skin diseases such as acne or eczema.

Psychic properties

Rock crystal is both a receiver, transmitter, transformer and energy amplifier. It is a stone that promotes meditation, rest of the mind and mental calm. All these energies promote concentration.

The vibrations of Rock Crystal increase self-confidence and intuition. During a discussion or debate, it is useful to carry this stone. It will help channel ideas and promote listening and open-mindedness.

A harmonious and anti-stress stone, rock crystal captures negative energies to leave room only for harmony. On a spiritual level, it helps to undo energetic and emotional blockages. It will also amplify spiritual perceptions and other sensitivities of the world.

What is the power of Rock Crystal?

Thanks to its energetic cleansing capabilities, it can be used for the harmonization and rebalancing of any chakra.

Located at the fontanelle level, above the head, the crown chakra is the 6th chakra. It represents wisdom, self-knowledge, soul awareness and spiritual connection. When it balances, you become more focused on yourself. Fears disappear to feel more compassion for others. The many expectations of others no longer exist. This balance becomes possible by regularly wearing a rock crystal in the form of jewelry or a tumbled stone.

The third eye chakra is the seventh chakra. It is located between the two eyes, at the root of the nose. This chakra signifies knowledge, intelligence, intuition, discernment and wisdom. With a Rock Crystal, doubts no longer exist. The third eye chakra opens and solutions to problems appear easily.

Which stones to associate with rock crystal?

In combination with Amber, Rock Crystal can be used to treat back pain. Associated with Amethyst, Rock Crystal reinforces its power to clarify the mind.

Wearing a Tiger's Eye and a Rock Crystal together helps boost concentration. The mind remains stable and alert. This association is particularly for artists and students.

How to clean and recharge Rock Crystal?

Recharge your Stone with a Flower of Life

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