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Obsidian bracelets PR 8mm

Obsidian bracelets PR 8mm

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Obsidian: meaning, virtues and properties

A volcanic stone, Obsidian is a protective stone. For many centuries, its strength has been used to accelerate healing. The depth of its black color symbolizes balance and stability. Discover its many protective benefits on the body and mind.

Characteristics of Obsidian

Rhyolites mineral species

Composition Silicon Dioxide

Hardness 5 to 5.5 Mohs

Density 2.4

Colors from Gray to Deep Black, sometimes Red

Root Chakras, 3rd eye

Virtues and benefits of the Obsidian stone

improves healing

soothes anxiety and stress

facilitates digestion

protects against negative energies

relieves muscle cramps

harmonizes inner thoughts

helps overcome trauma

Where does the name Obsidian come from?

Pliny the Elder says that it was the Roman Obsius who first brought back this black stone. This find came from Ethiopia. Its name therefore comes from the first name Obsius, which later became Obsidian.

Some linguists believe that its name comes from the Latin Obsidio. This term means “surrounded”, which corresponds to the breaks in the stone. These form hollows similar to dark circles.

History & origin of the Obsidian stone

Harder than glass, Obsidian breaks into very sharp shards. Which makes it a formidable weapon. During prehistory, it was used in weapons and tools. In Mesopotamia, we even found obsidian blades as early as the 5th millennium BC!

In some cultures, this black stone had mortuary significance.

The Egyptians used its sharp shards to incise corpses during embalming. The Greeks knew well the value of Obsidian. Long before the use of iron, they made their fortune thanks to the trade in this precious stone.

Obsidian had a very important place in ancient Latin American cultures. It was used as tools, weapons but also as ornaments for artistic objects. The Aztecs associated Obsidian with magic and used it to form mirrors that could read the future. Reduced to powder, Obsidian was also used as a balm to heal wounds.

Obsidian stone exists wherever there is volcanic activity: Indonesia, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Turkey, United States, Russia, Hungary, Guatemala.

Composition of the Obsidian stone

Obsidian is a stone that can take on different colors depending on its Magnetite or Hematite content. Its most common color is black. But we can also find Obsidian with green or brown hues.

Obsidian consists mainly of silicon dioxide. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of Obsidian is 5 to 5.5. Like the Aventurine stone, its density is 2.65. Obsidian can thus be scratched by a file but not by a coin.

Properties of Obsidian

Physical properties

Obsidian stone is a stone with warming effects. It is ideal for people who constantly have cold hands and feet. The vibrations of the stone will therefore improve blood circulation. This will also help improve the healing of the skin. The epidermis regenerates more easily and pain decreases.

By draining the intestines, Obsidian facilitates digestion. Made of rolled stone, it helps resolve various digestion problems. This stone can also promote good heart health. Obsidian helps against bacterial infections.

On the muscles, Obsidian reduces muscle cramps. It also reduces stomach cramps caused by periods. Worn as jewelry, the black stone serves as a remedy for back pain. The body relaxes and pain subsides.

Psychic properties

In lithotherapy, Obsidian is used as a shield against bad energies. Negativity can quickly harm mental health, it is important to get rid of it effectively. Obsidian increases the desire to change things and supports making good decisions. With an Obsidian bracelet, your mind frees itself from devaluing thoughts. A feeling of well-being surrounds you for a peaceful life.

Stress and anxiety are often omnipresent in our lives. We can easily get overwhelmed by these feelings. Obsidian stone helps absorb the harmful effects of stress and relaxes the mind. It has the power to clean your thoughts to keep only the positive.

Life sometimes has difficult stages to overcome. Obsidian has many psychic properties, it is an asset in lithotherapy. It accompanies these difficult moments to alleviate psychological pain. It is a stone so strong in energies that it helps to overcome trauma. It offers all the support we need for a peaceful life.

What is the power of the Obsidian stone?

Located at the perineum, the root chakra is the first of the seven chakras. A harmonized root chakra is felt by a feeling of security and anchoring to the world. You are where you belong, where you belong. If you feel distant from the world, plagued by many fears, Obsidian helps rebalance these feelings. Its energies harmonize the root chakra to refocus the body and mind in the present.

Center of invisible energies, the 3rd eye chakra is located between the eyebrows. It is the seat of intuitions, knowledge and wisdom. The Obsidian stone balances this chakra by bringing self-awareness. Particularly used during meditations, it brings clairvoyance and creativity. You must be very careful in case of imbalance in the 3rd eye chakra. This is felt by a great lack of self-confidence and a loss of control over your life.

Which stones to associate with Obsidian?

Stones are like human beings. Some are made to get along, others are not. It depends on the energies that each stone possesses. By combining several compatible stones together, the benefits are reinforced.

Worn with Rose Quartz, Obsidian offers an intense feeling of well-being. Life seems more intense and less stressful. Powerful and protective, these two associated stones become a shield against negativity.

Stones with the same colors carry the same energy forces. Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline form a perfect duo. They give more energy to the body and provide the mind with great organizational capacity. Nothing seems insurmountable anymore. The mind is more lucid and you know where to go.

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