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Malachite: meaning, virtues and properties

Malachite Stone

Used for millennia for its soothing properties, Malachite intrigues with its intense green color. In jewelry, in ornaments of decorative objects or even in rolled stone, it is appreciated in all its forms. Discover the history of Malachite and the many benefits it brings to the body and mind.

Characteristics of Malachite

Mineral species Carbonate
Composition Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, Cu2CO3(OH)2
Hardness 3.5 to 4 Mohs
Density 3.6 to 4.05
Colors from light green to intense green
Chakras Heart, Sacred

Virtues and benefits of Malachite

  • Reduces muscle pain
  • Strengthens self-confidence
  • Calms menstrual pain
  • Protects against nightmares and sleep disorders
  • Intensifies the immune system
  • Reduces negative feelings (anxiety, stress)
  • Eliminates toxins from the liver

Where does the name Malachite come from?

Of Latin origin, the term “ malachites ” means “through”. This name is a derivative of ancient Greek  molochē  and of the variant malachē which designates the Mauve plant. The leaves of this plant have many veins and are a powerful green. A strong resemblance to the Malachite stone!

A legend says that its name is a derivative of the Greek “malakos” which designates softness. Being a fragile stone and sensitive to heat, it is a term that would correspond to Malachite.

History & origin of the Malachite stone

Adored by the Egyptians, Malachite symbolized eternal youth and rebirth. To designate life after death, the Egyptians even spoke of the “domain of Malachite”. In their beliefs, death is new life and this stone is the representation. To protect their pregnancy, women in Egypt wore Malachite around their necks . They associated the stone with Thouéris, hippopotamus goddess and protector of motherhood.

To protect themselves from possible injuries, Greek fighters wore Malachite as an amulet around their neck or as a bracelet. This green stone helped them heal more easily thanks to its medicinal properties. Decorative stone at the temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Malachite holds a precious place in Greek civilization.

In the Middle Ages, the virtues of Malachite evolved. Some believe that this stone helps to understand animals. Others use it as a shield against the evil eye. And particularly to protect children against the deadly diseases of the time.

Physical properties

Malachite is a stone that absorbs energies. It helps heal muscle pain. Placing the stone directly on the painful area helps relieve the body. This stone is also used to soothe asthma attacks.

The copper intake of Malachite relieves painful periods . By placing the stone on the stomach, stomach cramps become less frequent. In lithotherapy, this stone is also used in people suffering from hemorrhages or circulation problems.

An anti-inflammatory stone, Malachite helps reduce infections. It helps purify the liver more effectively. With this stone, the body evacuates elements harmful to the body quickly. Malachite stimulates the body and helps increase endurance.

Physical properties

From a psychological point of view, malachite has many properties, it is an asset in lithotherapy. Placed on the top of the stomach, Malachite promotes the circulation of energies. It opens our mind to facilitate the expression of feelings. Wearing a Malachite bracelet strengthens self-confidence and facilitates exchanges with others.

The green color of Malachite brings hope and serenity. Its energies chase away negative thoughts. It helps combat feelings of anxiety and stress. This stone provides real moral support.

Malachite is often mentioned as a stone of protection. It serves as a shield for keeps nightmares away and promotes peaceful sleep . The Malachite stone helps overcome difficult nights by reducing mental agitation.

How to clean and recharge the Malachite Stone?

All stones used to combat negative energies are cleaned regularly.

However, Malachite absorbs energies as easily as water. This is why to purify it, you should not put it in a water bath.

To recharge it, you have to bury the stone in the ground for a few days. Thus, it comes into contact with the energies of Nature and recharges itself. Malachite also recharges with an Amethyst geode.

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