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Picasso jasper bracelets 8mm

Picasso jasper bracelets 8mm

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Picasso Jasper: origin and mineralogical characteristics

Also called Picasso Marble, Picasso Jasper differs from rocks of the same family thanks to its marbled appearance. Tinted with gray, it is streaked and sometimes stained with black, brown, beige, red or blue. Like other jaspers, its total composition contains almost 95% silica. Formed from limestone, it is also composed of calcium carbonate. This stone comes from the sedimentation of microcrystalline materials that may contain clay. Its mineralogical characteristics remain similar to other jaspers. This is a quartz with a scaly to conchoidal fracture, in other words a curved, sharp and smooth fracture. The crystal system of Picasso jasper is trigonal and the Mohs scale, measuring the hardness of minerals, ranks it between 6.5 and 7.

Jasper is a very common stone throughout the world, but the Picasso jasper variety is more likely to originate from Utah in the United States, one of the most important deposits.

Picasso marble: history of the stone

You will also learn it in our articles on Landscape jasper, Snake skin jasper or even Kambaba jasper, jasper has marked history since the dawn of time. This stone, whose name comes from the Latin jaspidem and the Greek jaspis, was used to make tools during prehistory, as well as to create jewelry, seals, ornaments and sculptures during Antiquity. Certain civilizations, such as the Egyptians or the Greeks, worshiped him truly. They transformed it into an amulet and proudly carried it with them to protect themselves and become stronger. Christians, for their part, consider jasper to be the symbol of new life and eternity.

That being said, Picasso jasper is one of those species whose appearance is much more recent. This name would also have been attributed to it in reference to the famous painter whose paintings have a little “something” close to the very modern appearance of the stone.

Today, the use of this variety is mainly reduced to the manufacture of ornamental and decorative objects, as well as the creation of costume jewelry whose cost and style attract the greatest number of people.

Picasso jasper stone in lithotherapy: benefits and properties

Lithotherapy may seem abstract to you. And for good reason ! It can be difficult to understand how the subtle energies of stones and crystals can influence humans. Even science doesn't explain it! On the other hand, we can tell you that we are made up of “movements” and “vibrations” in the same way as minerals. This is how we interact. The energies of the stones are then determined by their color, shape, crystal system, origin and mineralogical composition. Each individual reacts differently to stimuli and their needs, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

A very active stone on the nervous system, Picasso jasper has many virtues that we will present to you right away!

Mental and spiritual virtues

Psychologically, Picasso Jasper is a joyful and creative stone. It encourages the emergence of ideas and taking initiative. It would be the perfect mineral for entrepreneurs who need to be encouraged to take action, combine thoughts or even clarify their objectives. This stone offers a valiant spirit and an overflowing imagination, but it also helps to channel all this energy to achieve one's aspirations, whether in personal, professional or spiritual life.

Closely linked to the nervous system, Picasso jasper can help you fight fatigue. It also awakens your nerve and brain connections which, through this, cleanses your emotional heart. Filled with positive vibes, this stone promotes actions of mutual aid and solidarity. It is also a good safeguard to stay aligned with your principles and values.

On a karmic level, Picasso Jasper essentially draws its energies from mother earth in order to revitalize its favorite chakras: the Root chakra, the Sacred chakra, the Heart chakra and the Third eye chakra.

Virtues on the physical level

Although it is more active on a psychological and spiritual level, the Picasso jasper stone is also very effective on a physical level. It is known to stimulate the immune system, as well as to promote irrigation of muscles and organs by improving blood circulation. Its subtle energies also contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system and the relief of gastric and intestinal pain. It can also tone the bone structure and fight against ailments.

Women particularly appreciate the use of jasper during periods. This stone helps them soothe menstrual pain or even skin problems. Its use can also be very beneficial to combat muscle tension associated with stress.

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