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Russian Charoite Bracelets 9mm

Russian Charoite Bracelets 9mm

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Stories and legends

Charoite, pronounced "charoite", was first discovered in 1947. There is no proof of its existence before: no legends, no myths, no objects discovered during archaeological excavations. We must face the facts: this stone is completely unknown. Furthermore, it is found in only one place on earth, a fact which is relatively rare.

In 1978, Russian geologist Yuri Rogov identified it as a new species of mineral. Yuri Rogov was then employed in uranium mining. He therefore went to Paris to show this stone to his colleagues. Indeed, they work at the Mineralogical Museum, considered to have the richest collection of minerals. Faced with general ignorance regarding this stone, He decided to name it charoite in reference to the Chara river, passing through a mountain range from which it comes. This mountain range is located in the Republic of Sakha in Siberia and is made up of peaks between 800 and 1,000 meters above sea level.

Chara means charm or magic in Russian. The beauty of this fine stone is remarkable. Its deposits are relatively rare and this stone is difficult to find. Indeed, more precisely, it can be discovered in the Aldan limestone massif, near Lake Baikal in Siberia. It should be noted that its deposits are very difficult to access and the exploitation of this stone proves complicated. The climatic conditions are harsh and access roads are almost non-existent. Temperatures are between -60°C in winter and +40°C in summer.

Charoite belongs to the large group of silicates. It is essentially composed of complex hydrosilicate of potassium, calcium, sodium, barium and strontium. It also has presences of materials such as iron, aluminum, manganese. Its presence is found only in the metasomatic rocks of the Aldan massif. It was formed in temperatures of 200 to 250 degrees, in the presence of calcium and potassium. It has a monoclinic crystal system with the presence of a symmetrical axis. It has a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, which means that it is a relatively fragile mineral.

Charoite has a glassy or pearly luster, with a beautiful purple tint, ranging from mauve to lilac, even purple or sometimes white. There are many collectors because of its rarity and its magnificent beauty. This fine stone is widely used in jewelry where it is polished and often cut into cabochons. It can be sculpted to make objects of art or ornament.

The deposits

the two deposits are in India and Russia.

The benefits of charoite in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

This stone is renowned for being a transformational mineral. It converts the negative into positive, fights against phobias and obsessions. It promotes introspection and allows one to free oneself from old fears, often linked to childhood. It helps get rid of trauma and allows you to move forward.

Wearing a charoite encourages analytical thinking and removes obsessions. In this way, it acts effectively against fanatical behavior. Furthermore, it increases intuition and wisdom. It can help release stress and negative thoughts. It relieves anxiety and thus promotes better management of emotions.

It encourages acceptance of life in general while allowing better management of the difficulties encountered. It also causes openness towards others and gives better self-confidence. It reduces the obsession with always having more, especially at the material level and thus reduces non-essential needs.

Charoite makes it easier to fall asleep and provides extremely restorative quality sleep. It dispels night terrors or nightmares. Having a restful sleep allows you to face the day calmly. This stone can be very effective against nervous exhaustion or states of intense sadness.

Its physical benefits

Charoite promotes elimination.

It promotes the proper functioning of the heart chakra as well as that of the solar plexus.

It facilitates good circulation of body fluids and allows you to regain good energy. Furthermore, it provides quality sleep which generates vitality.

This stone encourages you to return to sport or physical activity. It makes you want to exercise. She fights against stress.

Charoite and associated astrological signs

Charoite has effective virtues for all signs of the zodiac but it particularly corresponds to natives of the following signs:

  • Scorpio: symbol of death and the end of things. This sign represents passion, desire and sexuality. It can be extreme and destructive. He loves to possess others and has a gift for understanding those around him. On the other hand, he is whole, loyal and naturally affectionate and loving. It is often difficult to pin down. He sometimes hides violent emotions and wearing a charoite allows him to move forward in life and not live in the past. This sign is hardworking and gives their all to achieve their goals. In love, he is passionate and his love life is often very eventful. He hates routine, but he calms down with age. He has a sense of family and loves children;

  • Sagittarius: symbol of spiritual and intellectual elevation. It represents higher education. He loves philosophy, religion and respects the law. This sign is jovial and adventurous. He loves distant trips and traveling the world. He hates routine and can engage in several projects at once. However, he rarely completes them. He knows how to overcome life's difficulties and put them into perspective. Wearing a charoite allows him to face various events and know how to manage complicated situations. In love, he is very seductive and idealistic. With maturity, he will start a family with many children;

  • Capricorn: symbol of ambition, social elevation and success. This sign represents loneliness and maturity. He works hard to succeed professionally. He is very restrained, very rigorous and can even seem very cold. They say he is old before his time. He is very wise, very sensitive and very introverted. Wearing a charoite allows him to overcome problems related to his past and move forward in life. He likes solitude and remains focused on his social success. He has difficulty opening up to others and gives a cold image of himself. In love, he is shy and very self-conscious. He doesn't trust others and prefers to stay alone rather than risk being tricked. Over the years, he will eventually marry and gain more confidence.

The chakras linked to charoite

Charoite is connected to the crown chakra, located above the skull. This chakra is associated with psychic emotions and enhances optimism and empathy.

Charoite is also associated with the eye chakra, located in the middle of the forehead. Which promotes communication, intuition and clairvoyance.

Charoite also balances the heart chakra. Located in the center of the chest, it represents true and pure love.

The maintenance, purification and recharge of charoite

When introducing a charoite into your family, it should be purified and recharged with positive energy. Since its extraction, your stone may have been in contact with negative energies. These operations should be carried out once a month or after intensive use.

Immerse your charoite in lime-free water with very little salt. You can also purify it in a Tibetan bowl or with incense.

You will recharge it by placing it in the sun for an hour or by placing it on an amethyst druse or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours.

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