Aventurine charm bracelets

Aventurine charm bracelets

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Aventurine: meaning, virtues and properties

Aventurine has been known for centuries to be the stone of calm. Its elegant green color has fascinated civilizations for decades. Learn everything there is to know about this stone in this article.

Characteristics of Aventurine

Quartzites mineral species

Composition Silicon dioxide, Si02

Hardness 7

Density Between 2.63 and 2.69

Colors Light green, green-brown or even blue

Heart, Frontal Chakras

Virtues and benefits of Aventurine

brings love and self-confidence

reduces ulcers and hypertension

soothes stress

makes breathing easier

promotes sleep

helps reduce headaches

regenerates the skin

Properties of Aventurine

Physical properties

Aventurine is known for its different virtues and benefits. It is widely used to improve skin texture. It would help alleviate acne problems in adolescents. By wearing aventurine, you will have softer skin and smoother skin texture.

Aventurine is also beneficial for the eyes. It greatly soothes eye fatigue and allows you to rest your eyes more easily.

It has been used for decades to treat liver and stomach diseases, it is the perfect ally to recover from your excesses after the holidays.

Aventurine has many physical properties, it is an asset in lithotherapy . It would allow your plants to grow faster.

Psychic Properties

Aventurine would absorb negative waves, those emanating from people, but also waves from objects. It is known to soothe the mind and allows easier access to mental calm, it brings inner peace. It also helps promote decision-making, helping to shed light on what suits you or what does not suit you.

What is the power of Aventurine?

Aventurine is mainly known for freeing the mind and allowing you to be yourself more fully. It is a stone whose color and beauty brings freshness and lightness. It is recognized by a large number of civilizations for providing knowledge and wisdom.

Which stones to associate with Aventurine?

Each stone having its own virtues, you must pay attention to the associations between different stones. Since Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, you can associate it with jade , but also amazonite or unakite. These stones are also green and will pair perfectly with aventurine.

Aventurine is also connected to the brow chakra, so you can also associate it with stones such as sodalite , the labradorite or even the hawk's eye , which are also linked to the frontal chakra.

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