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Aquamarine | HAS

Aquamarine | HAS

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Aquamarine is a stone of courage and happiness . Its soothing energies reduce stress and calm the mind . Harmonizes its environment and protects against pollutants. In the past, it was believed to neutralize the forces of darkness . Sailors wore it to protect themselves from drowning.

On a psychological level , Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people . It encourages tolerance , prevents making categorical judgments , supports anyone overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages people to take responsibility for themselves. This stone generates an honest, persevering and dynamic personality .

Aquamarine is a stone that purifies the soul . It brings joy and increases your extrasensory perceptions, your clairvoyance, your understanding and your lucidity . It is a stone that increases your happiness in love .

It is a perfect stone for artists and musicians . It facilitates communication between individuals, speech, singing and the expression of the truth .

Aquamarine fights the spirit of domination, excesses due to anger and daily stress .

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