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Barite and calcite on matrix

Barite and calcite on matrix

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Superb collector's item. UV reaction.



  • From the ancient Greek βαρύς meaning “heavy.”


Barite comes from the Greek name: βαρύς which means: heavy. Its history dates back to ancient times, but it was in the 18th century that it was described by the German mineralogist named Carl Karsten. This name began to be popularized in 1800 when it was first used to designate a mineral which formed a sort of gangue in metal deposits.

This rock has many synonyms including baritite, baroselenite according to Kirwan in 1794 or even barote. In any case, baritite remains the spelling used by the IMA although it is not the usual spelling in France. For information, the term baritite referred to barium in ancient times. Other synonyms such as baritite sulfate, barytite, or bolite are also recorded. We also speak of boulanite sometimes in homage to the city of Bologna. We can then say that different names are attributed to this rock depending on the time and the city in question. The barite stone was even once called wolnyne for the variants found in Hungary.


The rock is a white mineral, but can be colorless, gray or even brown, blue or red. It is found particularly in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. This rock is composed of approximately 67% oxide (BaO) and 33% sulfur trioxide.

Its commercial deposits are generally found in the form of extracted strata or veins, or even in residual form. It has a high density, but it is so soft, chemically inert. It is also not a precious rock. As a result, the price of barite stone is very affordable. Rarely used in jewelry due to its characteristics, its use is rather common in heavy muds dedicated to oil and natural gas drilling.

Its color is quite pale and its shine clearly low, it is used quite often in paints as well. It also constitutes a filling agent for rubber products par excellence and other friction materials in order to dampen noise. Barite is also known to absorb gamma rays. This is why it presents itself as a better ally as a radiation screen. Speaking of pharmaceutical use, the rock due to its high purity is used as a contrast in radiography. In any case, it is also used to create fluxes, oxidants or even to discolor glass. Regarding carbonate, its formula (BaCO3) is very popular in the manufacture of glass used in particular for televisions, ceramic glazes and also tons of enamels for porcelain.

To put it simply, barityne, depending on its grade, is marketed in different forms for different uses, more concretely in drilling muds, in glass, in paints and also in the chemical industry. Currently, the main baritite mines are in Canada and Rhone. Although it is not a rock of great luxury, the part it contributes to the world economy is of such importance. You should also know that this rock crystallizes in the form of flattened minerals, most often lamellar. Regarding its color, it is very variable although the most widespread is the colorless variant. In any case, it is not uncommon to find a grayish-white, yellowish or brownish rock slightly tinged with red, or sometimes green. But its crystals have a glassy, ​​resinous sheen, while the line is generally white. It is a very sensitive rock with its density estimated at 4.47 g/cm3.

The barite stone then decrepits and melts at 1580°C. It colors the flame used to melt a yellow green, which is scientifically called “barium”. Soluble in high concentration sulfuric acid, it is also soluble in hydriodic acid. In some cases, the stone can emit a cream-colored fluorite, particularly when the vein is excited by ultraviolet rays. In some cases, the stones are more thermoluminescent.



In the composition, we sometimes find an isomorphic mixture of anglesite and Celestine. It is renowned for being an excellent protective rock for self-reflection. It is particularly recommended for people who want to work on their ego, while eliminating the negative. Having the barite stone at home allows you to rekindle your spiritual life while keeping your feet on the ground.

An excellent ally for meditation, it helps with development and creativity. Furthermore, it is rich in energy to be used as an asset to rebalance telluric forces. It's not surprising then that the rock is in great demand to chase away bad vibes in your living room, particularly in the bedrooms, in the living room or even in the lounge. After all, barite remains a rock of great purity which promotes good relationships and the holy spirit while protecting against bad luck and other harmful influences.

Its use in lithotherapy is also quite common in a context where it greatly helps to remember our dreams. According to research, barite helps express confused feelings. For those who have a weak chakra that is losing energy, this rock can help them with the source of their chakra. After all, it is a rock that has always been known to energize sluggish chakras.

Quartz and solar rock also, it is an excellent collection to warm up the most chilly. This is precisely the reason why the barite stone fits easily with the signs of the fiery zodiac. It also goes hand in hand with the water zodiac signs to work with contrast.

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