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Adjustable 925 silver ring PERISTERITE AA

Adjustable 925 silver ring PERISTERITE AA

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Stories and legends

Peristerite is a stone with great controversy over its name. Indeed, it is commercially called “white labradorite” or “rainbow moonstone”. However, they are not the same stones. They are often confused because they belong to the feldspar group.

For the record, Feldspar is the most abundant mineral group in the earth's crust at more than 50%. It is part of the composition of many rocks of volcanic, igneous or metamorphic origin.

However, mineralogically speaking, peristerite is very different from moonstone. Chemically and visually, they do not have the same characteristics while having fairly similar properties.

Thus, there are no legends specific to peristeritis. In fact, legends and myths mainly concern moonstone.

Peristerite is a mixture of albite and oligoclase composed of sodium and calcium aluminosilicate. This variety of albite presents a peristerescence effect (shimmering under the surface of the stone): these are iridescences due to a play of light in an alternation of very thin layers of albite and oligoclase. These iridescences are also called the 'Schiller effect': they have a blue mirror effect.

Peristerite forms in igneous rocks, igneous rocks, mainly in pegmatites (igneous rocks with large crystals), but also in metamorphic rocks and in hydrothermal veins.

This stone has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale (for example: the diamond has a maximum hardness of 10 on the same scale). Peristerite has a triclinic crystal system.

The deposits

The main deposits are in India, Canada, USA, Mexico, China, etc.

The benefits of peristeritis in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Peristerite is an ideal stone for regaining confidence and self-confidence. It helps you realize your true value. It reduces indecision and develops intuition. It allows you to move forward in life and overcome difficulties. Furthermore, it eliminates doubts and fears.

This stone is soft and soothing. It causes serenity and peace. By restoring self-esteem, this stone allows you to look forward to the future with fullness.

This stone provides vitality and energy. It significantly reduces feelings of fatigue and mental load. It opens up to communication, compassion and empathy. It encourages altruism.

Peristerite is also a stone of protection against negative energies. It is even recommended for caregivers, health personnel and anyone involved in helping and listening. It helps keep them away from harmful influences.

This stone is also recommended for people who have difficulties in their relationship. It encourages calm and calm discussion, without shouting or insults. It releases tensions and opens a constructive dialogue.

Peristeritis helps overcome negative emotions such as stress, sadness and pessimism. It fights against trauma linked to the past and helps overcome certain blockages such as the fear of abandonment.

Its physical benefits

Peristeritis is known for its benefits on female cycles.

This stone provides peaceful and restorative sleep. Thus, it reduces fatigue and increases vitality. The body, better rested, has much less tension.

This mineral encourages drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. This helps to better detoxify the body and promote the proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra.

Peristeritis and associated astrological signs

Peristerite is a stone with many benefits both psychologically and physically for all natives of the zodiac. However, certain astrological signs have particular affinities with this stone. These are the following astrological signs

Gemini: symbol of communication, exchanges and curiosity. This sign represents studies, mind and commerce. Wearing a peristerite helps him realize his true value and gives him assurance and self-confidence. This sign is always moving. It is pleasant, light and spiritual. His company is often sought after. He's an incredible talker and always has a few anecdotes to tell. Very curious, he is always looking for learning. He often behaves like an eternal student. He hates routine and always needs stimulation. It multiplies talents and skills. However, he tends to skim over them. Beneath his smiling and artificial appearance, he hides a lot of anxiety and anguish. However, he manages to overcome these emotions and has a lot of optimism. In love, he seduces, he charms and he flirts. He loves to please and conquer new prey. He is a born seducer. He is very afraid of losing his freedom. However, he dreams of finding true love. Over the years, he finally manages to settle down and live his beautiful love story;


Cancer: symbol of family, origins and home. This sign represents imagination, sensitivity and nostalgia. Wearing a peristerite gives him security and helps him overcome negative emotions, such as stress and anxiety. Often worried, this sign has a lot of intuition. He has a huge need to be reassured and to evolve in a world of gentleness and tenderness. Surrounded by his family, he can show a lot of creativity. This sign also likes to take care of their family. He is very attentive and attentive. He has a great fear of abandonment, so he knows how to make himself indispensable. He can be aggressive and unpleasant in order to hide his great shyness. Very hypersensitive, he tends to take things too seriously. Sometimes he gets angry and starts to sulk. It's up to the other person to come back and apologize. He has a very narcissistic side and loves being the center of attention. In love, he is very gentle and very sentimental. He is one of those people called emotionally dependent: he is afraid of abandonment. His partner will have to constantly reassure him. He loves cuddles and caresses. He quickly seeks to start a family, because adventure does not tempt him;


Sagittarius: symbol of religion, higher education and philosophy. This sign represents distant travel, adventure and optimism. Wearing a peristeritis allows him to manage his negative emotions such as jealousy and envy. This sign is jovial, friendly, independent and enthusiastic. He needs a lot of freedom, because he likes to travel the world. He won't be able to stand being locked in an office. He shows a lot of intuition. He has a natural authority that allows him to be followed spontaneously without having to ask. It is said that it naturally unites. He hates routine and has multiple projects, which he rarely completes. Naturally optimistic, he has the ability to play down complex situations. He can be provocative, and even insolent. On the other hand, he shows a lot of generosity and he likes to share with those around him. He hates being given advice and can be disingenuous. He becomes touchy and angry. In love, he is seductive and is absolutely not faithful. He likes to conquer and multiply relationships. He loves doing all kinds of experiments and above all seeks to keep his freedom. However, he sometimes dreams of true love. With maturity, he will succeed in having a beautiful loving relationship.

Peristeritis and the chakras

Peristeritis helps balance the sacral chakra. This chakra is located approximately 5 cm below the navel. It acts on emotions, relationships with others, sexuality, self-esteem. This balanced chakra provides the ability to get back up whatever the difficulties encountered. The person has great self-confidence and openness towards others. She is spontaneous and pleasant.

The unbalanced sacral chakra, too open, causes the repression of emotions and physical problems. The person displays gluttony, aggressiveness and unbridled sexual behavior.

The unbalanced, closed sacral chakra can be caused as a result of an overly authoritarian upbringing. The person feels uncomfortable in their body. She considers sexuality to be taboo. She lacks self-confidence and is terribly afraid of abandonment.

Maintenance, purification and recharging of peristeritis

Since its extraction, peristerite can no longer be purified or recharged with the elements of nature such as water and earth. In addition, your peristerite has been manipulated enormously and it has come into contact with all kinds of energies, positive but also negative. As soon as it arrives in your home, it is imperative to purify it, then recharge it. The following operations must also be carried out for maintenance at least once a month.

Run your stone under running water for a few seconds. Dry it gently using a soft cloth. For a lighter purification, use the white sage fumigation technique or in a Tibetan bowl.

Recharge your peristerite with the rays of the full moon. You can also place it in an amethyst geode or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours.

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