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Stories and legends

Quartz is the most common mineral on the earth's crust. It comes in many varieties. Pure, transparent quartz, called rock crystal, contains only silicon. Rose quartz is a silicate with inclusions of various metal oxides, such as manganese, titanium and dumortierite.

Rose quartz belongs to the large family of silicates, subgroup of tectosilicates. It has a high hardness of 7/10 on the Mohs scale. Most often, it has a translucent, more or less cloudy appearance. Rose quartz can present a very sought-after asterism effect. This is the presence of star-shaped rays of light. It is then called star rose quartz.

The etymology of the name quartz comes from “quaterz” which means “bad ore”. In the Middle Ages, the name quartz included all crystals. In the 16th century, a German scholar decided that the term quartz referred only to rock crystals. The etymology of the name quartz would then come from the German “gewärz” meaning growth.

The first traces of rose quartz appear in Mesopotamia (Iraq), around 7,000 years ago. Then, quartz is found all over the world, in different civilizations, in various forms. It is most often found in the form of jewelry, figurines, amulets, but also in the manufacture of tools (chisels, polishers, etc.) and even arrows.

In ancient Egypt, rose quartz was ground into powder and used as a cosmetic for its purifying qualities. Archaeological excavations have revealed beauty masks, in the form of ointments, in tombs. Today, rose quartz is still used in the composition of certain beauty products. Mythology links rose quartz to the cult of Isis, goddess of divine youth.

Many other civilizations associate rose quartz with the goddess of love, who has a different name depending on her origins: Aphrodite in Greece, Venus in Rome, Astarte in Phoenicia (Lebanon), Isaar for the Assyrians and Turan for the Etruscans.

In Greek mythology, the unfortunate story of lovers Aphrodite and Adonis is told. Ares, Aphrodite's jealous husband, sent a boar to kill Adonis. Aphrodite, informed, rushed to save her lover. During her run, she injured herself on a thorn bush and when she arrived, Adonis was already injured: their blood then mingled. They crystallized and gave birth to rose quartz.

In ancient Rome, the Romans made and created all kinds of seals. Rose quartz stone is the stone commonly used for cutting these ring-shaped seals. In the Middle Ages, its Roman seals were widely used to adorn all kinds of crowns, vases, relics, etc.

In China and Asia, rose quartz is used for carving jade or making statuettes, notably those of Buddha. Rose quartz figurines also depict animals, birds and flowers.

In France, in the 17th century, rose quartz statuettes, called “chinoiseries” were very fashionable and Louis XIV became a great collector.

The deposits

The main deposits are located in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Australia, etc.

The benefits of rose quartz in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Rose quartz soothes and helps heal deep emotional wounds, heartbreak and childhood trauma. It develops self-confidence and self-confidence. It helps us become aware of the love we have for ourselves and promotes acceptance of ourselves and others.

This magnificent pink crystal generates calm and inner peace. It fights against negative emotions such as anxiety, anguish or unhealthy shyness. It provides serenity and raises awareness of happiness, joy and love. It fills emotional gaps.

Rose quartz diffuses powerful soothing and reassuring energies. It can be of great help to children, especially adolescents. Indeed, during puberty, they lack guidelines and have a great need to be reassured.

Placing a rose quartz stone in a bedroom allows the diffusion of soothing energies and thus provides quality sleep. It significantly reduces stress and agitated thoughts.

Rose quartz is a stone of love that promotes exchanges with others. It causes openness towards others, removes harmful feelings such as jealousy or envy. At the same time, it engenders compassion, empathy and understanding.

Its physical benefits

Rose quartz removes stress and its harmful consequences on the body. It reduces tension.

This mineral is known for its benefits on female cycles. Rose quartz is also called Aphrodite stone.

It promotes the proper functioning of the crown chakra.

This stone is also said to help counteract geobiological disturbances.

Rose quartz and associated astrological signs

Rose quartz is a very powerful mineral, representing love. Its action is beneficial to all natives of the zodiac. However, certain astrological signs develop affinities with this stone. This is particularly the case for the following signs:

  • Aries: symbol of momentum, enthusiasm and dynamism. This sign represents ardor, boldness and action. Wearing a rose quartz is a stone that promotes exchanges with others. This sign is always on the move and proves to be very ambitious. Very frank, he can be hurtful, cruelly lacking in diplomacy and tact. He likes confrontation and is very combative. He wants to be first whatever the challenge. He is fiery and dynamic. He is a go-getter, he can sometimes be too passionate, even violent. He has difficulty controlling his emotions and shows immaturity. He seeks professional success because he is a big spender. He has a warm and friendly side. His company is often sought after and appreciated. He has a lot of charisma and is an excellent leader. He absolutely does not hold grudges and forgives easily. In love, he is passionate and burns with desire. He likes to multiply his conquests. He is a great seducer who will do anything to make his prey fall for him. It tends to catch fire quickly. His other half will have to be creative, because he hates routine. If he gets tired, he will not hesitate to go on an adventure;

  • Lion: symbol of power, royalty and glory. This sign represents pride, vanity and generosity. Wearing a rose quartz helps one to open up better to others, to develop compassion and empathy. Indeed, this sign is proud and determined. He is used to being obeyed and can be tyrannical. He likes to be surrounded and admired. He loves to be flattered and has the annoying tendency to speak for everyone. He likes to be in the spotlight. He is very generous and willingly shares with those around him. He lives in a world of luxury and leisure. Strong-willed and determined, he knows very early on what he wants to do with his life and will do anything to achieve his goals. The word lose is not part of his vocabulary. He is loyal, complete, forgives neither betrayals nor pettiness. In love, he is seductive and passionate. He likes to reassure himself through his conquests. However, he likes the social idea of ​​marriage. He cannot live without love. He has a loyal and honest character. However, be careful with requests from the opposite sex, because they have difficulty resisting;

  • Capricorn: symbol of maturity, solitude and social elevation. This sign represents perseverance, patience and organization. Wearing a rose quartz allows you to accept yourself and gives you more assurance and confidence. Very young, this sign will work a lot. He does not hesitate to give up leisure activities, which he considers futile. He is methodical, organized and does not shy away from work. He does not reveal himself easily and does not trust easily. He is suspicious, restrained and very cold. This sign is described as psychorigid. Suffering from hypersensitivity, he needs to experience social and professional success. It is often associated with knowledge and expertise. It takes him a long time to realize his value. He likes moments of solitude and is self-sufficient. He has very few friends. In love, he suffers from unhealthy shyness and complexes. He would rather miss out on a great story than suffer or be rejected. Proud, he is looking for true love. Over the years, he will gain confidence in himself and will finally be ready to live a beautiful story.

Rose quartz and the chakras

Rose quartz helps balance the heart chakra. This chakra is located at the level of the sternum in the front and between the shoulder blades in the back. This chakra has a pink color radiance. It is at the origin of acceptance of oneself, of others, of peace and forgiveness. The balanced heart chakra develops unconditional love. The person has a wonderful open mind. She learned to love herself and others. She forgives easily and loves to be of service.

The unbalanced heart chakra, too open, generates two types of behavior. Either the person devotes himself totally to others while forgetting himself or the person is, on the contrary, egocentric and narcissistic. She can become critical, jealous, demanding.

The heart chakra, unbalanced, blocked, causes anger, depression, indifference. The person can even become hateful, intolerant and find themselves alone. She has a hard time loving and forgiving.

The maintenance, purification and recharge of rose quartz

Since its extraction, rose quartz can no longer be purified or recharged with the elements of nature, such as the sun, water or earth. It is manipulated many times and is most certainly in contact with various influences, negative or positive. As soon as you arrive in your home, it is essential to purify and recharge it. The following operations should be carried out for maintenance at least once a month.

Immerse your stone in a transparent glass of spring water. Place this glass in the center of a plate filled with sea salt for 2 to 3 hours. Be careful, never put your stone in direct contact with salt, this could alter its color. For lighter purification, you can use white sage fumigation or a Tibetan bowl.

Recharge your rose quartz in the rays of the morning sun for 3 hours or place it in an amethyst geode or on a rock crystal cluster for 24 hours.

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