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Adjustable 925 silver ring BLACK OBSIDIAN AA

Adjustable 925 silver ring BLACK OBSIDIAN AA

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Its formation and properties

Obsidian is a volcanic rock rich in silica. Different kinds of obsidian exist. They differ due to the chemical composition of the rock. Obsidian is actually a natural glass. It forms during an eruption of lava rich in silica with less than 3% water. As it leaves the volcano, it cools very quickly, freezing the crystallization process.

This may be similar to a piece of lava suddenly frozen as it leaves the volcano. The direct consequence of this phenomenon is the impossibility for the rock to crystallize. The result is the creation of a volcanic glass with a uniform texture and which we describe as an amorphous mineral. Furthermore, obsidian has sharp edges and blades of great finesse. It is a natural mineral with a complex composition.

So, obsidian consists mainly of silicon dioxide about 70%, or even more. Its fracture is conchoidal (i.e. furrowed with curved and concentric streaks) and its hardness is 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale. It has different colors, different reflections due to the volcano where it was discovered and its various inclusions. It should be noted that each deposit, linked to a volcano, provides a different obsidian.

Green, brown, gray or black, it can sometimes have golden, silver, or even all the colors of the rainbow reflections (effect produced by the presence of hematites or magnesites). It also happens that two colors of obsidian mix.

Stories and legends

We find traces of obsidian in certain sharp objects dating from approximately 2 to 4 million years ago, particularly in Kenya. During archaeological excavations, knives, arrows and spears were discovered. Sometimes, obsidian depending on its composition can be polished to make rustic mirrors.

As early as 7,000 BC, obsidian was widely used in surgery because of its cutting properties. We find traces of trepanation, removal of part of the skull bone either to clean a wound or to bring in spirits.

In Mesopotamia, traces of obsidian blades have been identified as early as 5,000 BC.

In Egypt, obsidian was brought from the Red Sea, Greece or Italy. The Egyptians used it for its beauty, mystery and value. They made the eyes of their statues, notably those in the mask of Tutankhamun (1323 BC). Obsius, returning from Ethiopia, brought back obsidians and decided to give them their name, obsidianus in Latin. Obsidian was used to make all kinds of ornamental objects, jewelry and tools.

However, in Mexico, there is another legend. At a time when the natives lacked food, men went hunting where they had to face wild beasts, even mammoths. They left women and children under the protection of the elders. Then, one day, the tribe was attacked by wild and ferocious hyenas. But the elders no longer had weapons when young Obsid, son of the most valiant of warriors, saw a shiny black stone on the ground. He tied it securely to a piece of wood. He threw this makeshift weapon at one of the hyenas, who screamed in pain, causing all the others to flee. The whole tribe honored the young Obsid and granted him the status of warrior and the stone was thus baptized in his name.

In the Navajo tribe, obsidian was one of the 4 sacred stones. Obsidian Mountain corresponds to Mount Hesperus. In some stories of their creation, man's heart is said to have been created by the gods with obsidian.

For generations, mages, sorcerers and prophets have used polished obsidian as a mirror. They claimed to be able to read the future in it. But it was Dr John Dee (1527 - 1608) who used it again to spread his prophecies. He became very famous and the story goes that he helped foil certain plots against the English crown.

The deposits

The main deposits of obsidian are located in Mexico, Madagascar, the United States, etc.

Black obsidian

This is pure, basic obsidian. Made up of more than 70% silica, it owes its beautiful dark color to the presence of iron. It has almost no inclusions except for a few magnetite nanoparticles.

During archaeological excavations, these are often discoveries of tools and weapons made from black obsidian. The legend of young Obsid highlights the discovery of black obsidian on the ground, extremely sharp.

Black Obsidian is a smooth, shiny stone, similar to glass due to its shiny, reflective surface. This stone can break into fragments with curved edges. This feature is ideal for making cutting objects.

Today, black obsidian is frequently used in jewelry and ornamental objects. This stone has powerful benefits in lithotherapy.

The benefits of black obsidian in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Black obsidian is renowned for being the most powerful obsidian. They say it should be handled with care. It is used as a shield against negative energies. It allows you to free yourself from anxieties, anxiety and buried fears.

It facilitates better introspection. The problems and traumas linked to childhood and the origin of blockages are identified and overcome. This stone allows you to move forward in life and to know how to overcome the difficulties encountered.

The mind is freed from devaluing thoughts and gives way to well-being. The past is less painful and the future seems more serene. This stone brings assurance and self-confidence. It makes it possible to achieve the objectives set. It increases the desire to change things and enables good decisions to be made.

Black obsidian increases perception, highlights hidden abilities and qualities. It regulates the mechanisms of judgment towards oneself, but also towards others. The person is much less demanding.

This stone creates balance between the dark side and the light side. It is this ambivalence that encourages progress. She develops a more open outlook towards the world. It allows you to put things into perspective and find your right place in respecting others and yourself.

Black obsidian strengthens the mind and increases clarity of mind. It eliminates stress and tension. It protects the psyche from instability.

Its physical benefits

Black obsidian is renowned for its detoxifying action on the body. It blocks electromagnetic waves.

It requires its wearer to drink a sufficient quantity of water during the day. This supply of water is excellent for the proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra and promotes elimination.

Black obsidian fights effectively against stress and anxiety. It allows you to have quality, restorative sleep. It therefore generates great vitality upon waking up.

It helps to overcome states of intense sadness. It also allows for the proper circulation of bodily fluids.

Black obsidian and associated astrological signs

Black obsidian is the most powerful obsidian. Its powers and virtues act on all natives of the zodiac. However, links can be forged with certain astrological signs. This is the case for the following astrological signs:

  • Aries: symbol of momentum, enthusiasm and action. This sign represents ardor, command and boldness. Wearing black obsidian helps him make good decisions and allows him to overcome the difficulties encountered. This sign always gets back up even after a failure. Very frank, he lacks diplomacy and says what he thinks without restraint. He is very competitive and especially likes to win. He is a pioneer, a go-getter. He always tries to be first. He loves to spend lavishly. He sometimes acts like a child, as he is relatively immature. He has difficulty controlling his emotions and can throw tantrums. He tends to be authoritarian and has little patience. He doesn't hold grudges and moves on quickly. He impresses with his passion and determination. In love, he ignites very quickly and has the heart of an artichoke. He falls head over heels in love, then quickly moves on to someone else. He uses all his strategy to make the object of his desire fall for him. Even with the years, he needs stimulation and passion;

  • Lion: symbol of royalty, power and pride. This sign represents generosity, flattery and vanity. Wearing black obsidian increases its incredible perceptive qualities. This sign likes to be in the spotlight. He loves to be surrounded and admired. He tends to speak on behalf of others. It is the world of leisure, education and luxury. He leaves no one indifferent and has a lot of pride. Asking for help is impossible for him. He appreciates the pleasures of life and loves sharing with those around him. He is friendly and courteous, always accustomed to being obeyed. He often overdoes it and can be tiring. He hates losing and can't stand criticism. He is very sociable and his company is generally very appreciated. He is a hard worker and does everything possible to achieve his goals. In love, he burns with desire, ardor and passion. Honest and loyal, he likes the idea of ​​marriage. But be careful, because he is hot-blooded and he loves to conquer others. He has a great need to be loved. With maturity, he seeks to start a family;

  • Aquarius: symbol of the future, technological advances and science. This sign represents friendship, freedom and originality. Wearing black obsidian frees him from certain anxieties and anxiety. His vision of life is very idealistic, bordering on utopia. This sign shows a lot of altruism and dreams of a better world. It borders on anarchy and revolution. He has a lot of intuition and is very emotional. He lives in a world of dreams. Very creative, this sign often surprises those around him. He can show intolerance and pride. He hates being bored and has multiple projects. However, it does not always get them to the end. He can't stand routine and has an adventurous side. In love, he does not give himself up entirely and is wary of passion. He doesn't like situations that are too hectic. He prefers romantic friendships. He is looking for an intelligent and cultured partner. He needs freedom, so he appreciates a story based on independence. As a general rule, he is not for marriage and prefers common-law union. He is afraid of being confined in a straightjacket.

Black obsidian and the chakras

Black obsidian helps balance the root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is said to be the seat of life, even survival. A balanced root chakra provides feelings of well-being and security. The person is well anchored on earth. She feels comfort, physical vitality and a lot of serenity.

The unbalanced root chakra, too open, generates anger, violence and selfishness. The person is obsessed with acquiring material goods. She appears hyperactive. She tends to abuse tobacco, alcohol or various drugs.

The unbalanced, underactive root chakra is the source of many fears. Being afraid of running out of food, being afraid of dying, and being afraid of getting sick are the person's main concerns. She has a lot of trouble staying focused and sleeps very poorly. She is incapable of solving and overcoming problems.

The maintenance, purification and recharge of black obsidian

Before arriving at your home, black obsidian encountered many influences. As soon as it is introduced into your home, it will need to be recharged and purified in order to make the most of its energy. The following operations should be carried out for maintenance at least once a month and after any lithotherapy session.

Immerse your black obsidian in a glass of spring water. Place this glass in the center of a plate filled with sea salt. Throw the salt out of your house and dry your stone gently. You can also purify it using white sage fumigation or in a Tibetan bowl.

Charge it under the full moon for a whole night or in the afternoon sun for 2 hours. You can also place it in an amethyst geode or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours.

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