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Stories and legends

Citrine owes its name to the Latin “citrus” which means a lemon. This name is given to it because of its yellow color. This fine stone is transparent and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It belongs to the quartz family and can be found under the name “yellow hyaline quartz”. It is composed of silicon dioxide and iron, which gives it this beautiful yellow color, more or less pale.

This natural citrine stone has been known for millennia. Around 480 BC, Old Testament writings describe the presence of a citrine on the breastplate of Aaron, brother of Moses. Indeed, he wore on the breastplate of his breastplate twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, including a citrine. Later, the Gregorian calendar linked its twelve stones to the twelve months of the year. Citrine is associated with the month of November.

The legend of Anahi

In a region on the borders of Brazil and Bolivia, legend has it that a sorcerer captured the Cloak of Dawn and locked it in a crystal. Annoyed, the sun then decided to hide it in the depths of the Earth, which later became the mine of the Ayoeros tribe. They then extracted citrine from this mine.

Later, the princess of this tribe, named Anahi and descendant of the sorcerer, fell in love with a Spanish conquistador but her people refused to see her leave the tribe. He preferred to sacrifice her, rather than see her go to Spain. As Anahi lay dying in her husband's arms, she gave him a citrine stone, a symbol of their eternal love. In the 19th century, the miners who worked in this mine say that sometimes they heard the cries of the conquistador, mourning his sweet and tender wife Anahi.

Since antiquity

The benefits of citrine have been known since Antiquity. In ancient civilizations, it was renowned for being a true talisman. It helped fight against bad luck and had the reputation of protecting against the bites of venomous animals.

In Ancient Greece, various heroes of mythology such as Chiron were associated with natural citrine. Chiron, son of the god Chronos, is renowned for his wisdom and science. Artemis and Apollo had taught him medicine and to perfectly master nature and its qualities. He thus discovered that natural citrine had great healing and protective powers. However, she was unable to relieve him of his suffering caused by the poisoned arrow he received inadvertently and which caused his end.

Furthermore, the Romans used this stone in the manufacture of cuts and cabochons. They also believed that natural citrine protected them from animal bites, poisonous insects, bad luck and negative emotions.

In the 15th century, the name citrine was given to the stone by the German scholar George Bauer, also named Agricola.

In the 19th century, citrine stone was found in quantity on combs and tiaras. Queen Victoria of England (1819 - 1901) was particularly fond of this stone because of its bright color.

The deposits

The main deposits are found in Madagascar, Brazil, Congo, etc.

The benefits of natural citrine in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Natural citrine is an energizing stone for both the body and the mind. This stone is luminous, warm and soothes various emotional disorders. It thus allows you to achieve a certain serenity, strengthens concentration and memory. Thus, it is recommended for students when preparing for exams.

It is an ideal stone for people with great sensitivity. It encourages good management of negative emotions, stimulates good mood and well-being. It wards off sadness, nervousness and fatigue. It reduces anger and replaces it with understanding or compassion.

The color of citrine is associated with that of the sun. Literally and figuratively, this stone brings the sun into your life, bringing happiness and joy. It is even said that it brings prosperity in the home and contributes to a certain financial success.

It diffuses positive energies which stimulate the vitality of the wearer of this stone. It restores his self-confidence and optimizes his self-esteem. This beautiful energy reduces stress and its various symptoms. It increases the ability to listen to others and significantly improves relationships and exchanges with those around them.

Its physical benefits

Natural citrine provides vitality and energy to its wearer. It restores the desire to take care of your body with the resumption of physical activity and a healthier diet.

The beautiful sunny colors of citrine make it energizing, invigorating and energize the body. Natural citrine promotes elimination. It promotes the proper functioning of the heart chakra and encourages good circulation of bodily fluids.

Natural citrine and associated astrological signs

Natural citrine offers energizing and invigorating virtues to all natives of the zodiac. However, its benefits are accentuated on the following signs:

  • Aries: symbol of action, enthusiasm and impulse. This sign is dynamic, conquering and a go-getter. He is full of ardor and energy. Wearing a natural citrine strengthens one's energy, vitality and brings professional success. This sign is looking for success. He loves to be first. He is passionate and when he invests in a cause, he becomes ignited. He is known for his frankness and his instincts. He tends to show too much authority and lack diplomacy. He doesn't get discouraged even when he fails and always gets up to start again. In love, he falls in love very quickly and multiplies his conquests. He likes to seduce and hates routine. His relationship will hold if he is constantly in stimulation;

  • Scorpio: symbol of death, the end of things and poison. This sign represents instinct, animal passion and the destructive side of man. He is the mystery and can be extreme, tyrannical, even violent. Wearing a natural citrine allows you to soften your temperament, to be able to have serenity and quality exchanges with others. However, the Scorpio is whole and loyal, he is capable of loving madly. With great psychology, he manages to dominate his prey, even to hypnotize them. Despite its violent sides, this sign hides an affectionate and loving nature. But be careful not to betray him, because he will not forgive. In love, he is passionate, jealous and possessive. He has a turbulent love life and prefers to go through drama rather than the flatness of certain relationships. He eventually calms down and becomes attached over the years. He thus becomes an extraordinary spouse and parent;

  • Sagittarius: symbol of spiritual evolution, higher education and travel. This sign represents optimism and positivity. Wearing a natural citrine reinforces the joy of life and vitality of this sign. He likes trips that take him far from home. He loves going out to discover new lands. This sign is jovial, enthusiastic and very lucky. He hates routine and will multiply activities, which he will have difficulty completing. Likewise, it will be complicated for him to keep his commitments. This sign is warm, jovial and generous. He can lecture others but hates it when others do it to him. He can become touchy and angry. In love, he is very seductive and idealizes his other half a lot. He is very paradoxical, because as much as he dreams of true love, he loves multiplying conquests. Maturity brings him stability and he can then consider starting a family.

Natural citrine and the connected chakras

Natural citrine tones and rebalances the solar plexus chakra. Resentments are eliminated. The solar plexus chakra represents self-esteem, self-confidence and relationships with others. This balanced chakra improves the quality of thoughts and helps in making good decisions.

The maintenance, purification and recharge of natural citrine

When receiving a natural citrine stone or undergoing maintenance, it is necessary to purify and recharge the stone. It must be helped to eliminate the negative waves that it may have accumulated during its extraction or during intensive use. These operations must be repeated at least once a month.

Immerse your natural citrine in a container filled with demineralized water for a few hours. Dry it using a soft cloth. You can also purify it with incense or in a Tibetan bowl.

To recharge it, simply place it in the rays of the sun very early in the morning or in the rays of the moon outside of the full moon. Do not place it in direct sunlight as this could alter its color. A particularly effective recharge can be achieved by installing the stone on a quartz cluster or on an amethyst geode.

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