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Stories and legends


Aventurine belongs to the quartz family. It has different colors due to the presence of mineral or metallic inclusions. Green aventurine has this beautiful color due to the presence of fuchsite, a mica rich in chromium. Brown aventurine is colored by pyrite, red aventurine by hematite and blue by dumortierite.

Etymology and history

Green Aventurine is a stone that has been around for millennia. However, its name was given to it in the 17th century by Murano glassmakers. The glassmakers made their glass in Venice and were the cause of numerous fires. Also, to protect the city, they decided to emigrate to the island of Murano. One day, a glassmaker accidentally spilled copper flakes into the molten glass. The result was impressive: the glass sparkled due to the presence of copper. It was called aventurine glass, because in Italian, “a ventura” means luck. The mineral stone aventurine has this shiny and glittery appearance and therefore owes its name to this strange discovery.

In France, we find traces of green aventurine at the end of the 17th century in the writings of Madame de Maintenon, first governess of the children of Louis XIV then his secret wife. She describes a rosary that is made of this beautiful green stone.

For millennia, aventurine has been used and is found throughout different civilizations. Thus, its presence was confirmed in ancient Egypt.

During the time of ancient China, around 4,000 years ago, the Chinese recognized green aventurine as the imperial Yu stone, associated with the goddess of pity, compassion and love. She also protected mothers and children.

Then, 2,000 years ago, among the Incas tribe, green aventurine was used to attract luck and abundance. The Tibetans decorated the eyes of their statues with this stone and they used it to correct certain vision defects. As for the Celts, green aventurine is a stone of spiritual elevation and knowledge.

More recently, the British Museum in London exhibits a statuette dating from less than 400 BC. It evokes a typical person from the Olmec civilization. This work measures approximately 30 cm and is carved from green aventurine.

In the 17th century, stones with brilliant reflections were called aventurine. But the distinction between natural aventurine and that produced by glassmakers is still difficult to establish with certainty.

At this time, a third aventurine became famous, that of Chinese or Japanese aventurine lacquers. By trying to reproduce it in France, we created magnificent varnishes with different varieties of aventurine. These are the famous Martin varnishes dating from 1728.

The deposits

Aventurine deposits are found in Brazil, China, Germany, etc.

The benefits of green aventurine in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Green aventurine is very often used in lithotherapy, because it has an excellent influence on the mind. This stone is a lucky stone that brings luck and rebirth. It gives joy, humor and great self-confidence.

It is also a stone of protection, because it has qualities that help block harmful energies and negative emotions. She avoids maintaining toxic and harmful relationships. Furthermore, it is very effective on people sensitive to electromagnetic and electrical waves.

Green aventurine is a stone that soothes and calms tormented minds. By promoting the evacuation of bad vibes, it generates soothing and stimulating benefits for the mind. A peaceful mind is more open to serenity. It is an anti-stress stone that fights against anxiety and anxiety.

Wearing a green aventurine gives confidence in the actions to be taken to see your projects succeed. It is a stone of change, which gives the strength and motivation necessary to start from scratch.

This stone provokes optimism and gives the strength to overcome the trials of life. Furthermore, it develops creativity. It provokes quality communication whether with family or professional entourage. It is a stone that encourages introspection in order to facilitate openness to the world.

Its physical benefits

This stone is a stone which acts against stress and its disadvantages. It is therefore extremely beneficial and releases tension.

Wearing green aventurine contributes to the proper functioning of the heart chakra and also that of the third eye.

It is excellent for the circulation of bodily fluids.

It is also said to soothe nausea caused by motion sickness.

Green aventurine and associated astrological signs

Green aventurine is recommended for all signs of the zodiac, but it has an even stronger action on natives of the following signs:

  • Aries: symbol of action, enthusiasm. This sign is very impulsive, dynamic. He shows boldness and ambition. Strong, reckless, he invests himself in the causes in which he believes. He does not get discouraged and faces difficulties. Wearing green aventurine strengthens this go-getter side, which allows him to get involved in new projects. He likes movement and change. He is extremely friendly and very popular with those around him. He is very frank, which sometimes can get him into trouble. In love, he ignites quickly. He shows more desire than true feeling. It’s the seduction phase that he loves above all;

  • Libra: symbol of justice, balance and harmony. This sign is always looking for peace and harmony around it. He has a lot of elegance and a taste for beautiful things. He likes to be admired and surrounded. This sign hates loneliness. He is known for showing indecision on a regular basis. In fact, he has difficulty choosing and deciding, because he cannot bear to take sides. He is known for his great kindness and interest in others. Green aventurine provides him with the calm he needs to flourish. In love, he seeks harmony with his partner and marries relatively early. He is then ready to make all kinds of concessions in order to maintain the links built;

  • Cancer: symbol of family, home and origins. This sign has a great imagination and a lot of creativity. Wearing a green aventurine allows him to carry out his projects. He has a great need for security and constant reassurance. Naturally shy, he sometimes shows aggression to protect himself. He cannot tolerate conflicting climates and is always looking for harmony and peace. He is naturally attracted to everything artistic, because he has great creativity. In love, he is very sentimental, often showing great gentleness. Very early on, he will build a home where he will feel safe. He is absolutely not tempted by adventures.

The chakras linked to green aventurine

Green Aventurine is linked to the heart chakra and brings peace of mind. Thus, it facilitates meditation and calming down in the event of severe anger. It is a stone of balance.

Maintenance, recharging and purification

When purchasing green aventurine, it is strongly recommended to purify it, then recharge it. Indeed, she may have accumulated negative waves since her extraction. These operations should be carried out once a month or after intense use.

Immerse the green aventurine in a glass filled with spring water and leave it for 2 or 3 hours. Dry it using a soft cloth. You can also purify it using fumigation or a Tibetan bowl.

Expose it to the rays of the moon, outside of a full moon period so as not to damage its color. It can also be recharged on an amethyst druse or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours.

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