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Amethyst geode

Amethyst geode

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Stories and legends

For thousands of years, amethyst has been widely used in goldsmithing. This stone goes very well with gold. Moreover, for many years, amethyst had the same value as diamonds. Then, a very large quantity of amethysts were discovered in South America, which greatly reduced their value.

In ancient Egypt, this stone was used to carve seals and amulets. The soldiers wore them so as not to be afraid. She also had the power to make rain fall during droughts.

But the name of this fine stone is of Greek origin. Methystos means drunkenness and the prefix “a” indicates suppression. Amethyst is therefore linked to sobriety. Several legends tell of the origin of amethyst, but the best known are those of Amethystos.

In Greek mythology, Dionysus, god of wine and drunkenness, is a god renowned for his excess and madness. One day, he fell madly in love with Amethystos, a young nymph. He strongly desired her and began to court her. But Amethystos wanted to remain chaste and refused Dionysus' advances. Amethystos turned to Artemis, goddess of the hunt, for help. Artemis decided to protect her and transformed her into a white crystal statue. Mad with rage and humiliation, Dionysus threw wine on the precious statue and it began to take on an intense and pure purple color.

Another version of this legend says that Dionysus, following several humiliations at the hands of humans, decided to take revenge. He threw tigers at humans. The first meeting was with Amethystos, a beautiful and gentle young woman. Then Artemis, goddess of the hunt, transformed her into a statue of white quartz in order to protect her from the wrath of Dionysus. Regretting his outburst of violence, he poured wine on the statue as a sign of offering. The statue then took on a magnificent purple hue.

In Christianity, amethyst was the symbol of purity and humility, because Joseph gave one to Mary. This stone also represents love. Indeed, Saint Valentine, the priest at the origin of the lovers' festival, always wore a magnificent amethyst around his neck. Among Christians, amethyst also represents the symbol of fidelity. Indeed, the Vatican Bishops all wear a ring with an amethyst, signifying their dedication to the Church.

At the time of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci used it to suppress his negative thoughts and allow him to boost his creative intelligence. He noted this use of amethyst in one of his precious notebooks.

In the past, among nobles, amethyst chalices were used to combat attempted poisoning at banquets. Or it happened that the wine was poured into amethyst cups. This accentuated the color of the wine and allowed the guest to replace the wine with water as the guest became drunk. This explanation helps to understand why amethyst is known to fight against drunkenness.

The deposits

The main deposits are located in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Malawi, Madagascar, Australia and Zambia.

The benefits of amethyst in lithotherapy

Its psychological benefits

Amethyst is known for its calming qualities by stimulating positive energies. Nowadays, stress, anxiety and fear are often felt emotions. In order to fight against their negative waves, wearing an amethyst helps calm the mind. It provides positive energy and develops creativity, imagination and concentration.

Another quality of amethyst is to relieve the pain of the loss of a loved one, whether in the event of death or simply a breakup. It helps one accept separation and provides the strength needed to continue moving forward in life. It calms anger and sadness.

For people in a state of intense sadness or prone to constantly rehashing the same thoughts, this stone provides calm to their mind and stops all these negative ideas.

Amethyst is ideal for meditation and causes better open-mindedness. It allows you to have quality sleep, promotes dreams, intuition and develops positive energy. It is a stone suitable for people who have to make big decisions, negotiate or speak in public. It is ideal for developing creation and inventiveness.

It is also known to have benefits for people suffering from addictions such as alcoholism and smoking. It gives courage and strength to detoxify from these harmful substances.

Its physical benefits

Wearing an amethyst promotes the third eye chakra. It has a beneficial action on the entire body.

Thanks to its soothing action, it allows you to benefit from restful, quality sleep. It promotes restorative energy upon waking.

Its virtues are closely linked to its mythical origins. It protects against external pollutants.

Amethyst and associated astrological signs

Amethyst has great effectiveness on all signs of the zodiac, but it is particularly associated with natives of the following signs:

Capricorn: symbol of ambition, professional success. This sign represents perseverance, patience. He is methodical, orderly, honest. He can be very cold and a certain rigor. Implacably wise, he has a reputation for being too serious and too reasonable. For an anxious and stressed nature, wearing an amethyst can provide many benefits. This sign sets goals that are sometimes too hard to achieve, which is often the cause of their stress. In love, he is very reserved and afraid of failure. However, over time, he reveals himself to be tender and passionate;

Aquarius: symbol of the future, friendship, freedom. This sign is associated with science and new technologies. He has a creative mind and wearing an amethyst enhances his imagination. A famously intelligent sign, he never stopped developing all kinds of projects throughout his life, sometimes utopian. His mind is bubbling with new ideas, amethyst allows him to calm down and slow down all these thoughts. In love, he is very wary and does not give in to passion. He prefers to maintain a loving friendship;

Fish: symbol of infinity, of faith. This sign has many artistic gifts. It represents sacrifice, ordeal. Frightened by the world around him, he prefers to take refuge in his imaginary world. This sign is changing and paradoxical, it is difficult to define. Very easily influenced, he indulges in addictions of all kinds. Amethyst is a stone that brings him peace and allows him to fight against his addictions. In love, he is capable of completely abandoning himself. He manages to merge with his other half. This sign is very erotic and can indulge in all excesses.

The chakras linked to amazonite

Amethyst mainly acts on the crown chakra, that of wisdom and altruism. Placed at the top of the skull, it allows the release of serotonin, also called the happiness hormone. This helps calm stress and provoke positive thoughts.

This stone also stimulates the third eye chakra. Placed between the 2 eyebrows, it develops the imagination. This chakra in contact with amethyst allows the emergence of new ideas.

The maintenance, purification and recharging of amethyst

In its natural state, amethyst recharges upon contact with spring water, the earth, the sun or the moon. When you buy an amethyst, it is necessary to purify it of negative waves and recharge it with positive waves. To do this, you must repeat the following operations at least once a month or after intensive use.

Immerse your amethyst in spring water for approximately 3 hours to purify it. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

To recharge it: place it in the rays of the moon (but not during the full moon so as not to alter its color) during the night. If you have an amethyst geode or druse, it is advisable to bury it in the ground for several days.

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